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Betty’s Return

April 03 2017

Betty’s Return

My history with blogging began over 10 years ago while on my first overseas tour as a military spouse. Back then, before social media platforms took over, if you wanted to communicate with a large audience, you set up a blog.

There were a few blogging sites that made it easy but a lot of us took the plunge and bought our own domain names and downloaded Movable Type or b2 (you might know it as WordPress).

Soon, it wasn’t just about blogging; it was about learning how to wrangle PHP and CSS. Sometimes, we spent more time altering (and breaking) our index and css files than we spent writing. I remember, on more than one occasion, my husband waking up for work to find me huddled over my keyboard, searching the screen for a missing semicolon or bracket. It was new and fun and a big part of daily life.

And then Twitter came. 140 characters was a sexy alternative for people who didn’t want to spend so much time reading. And Facebook made it easier for people to blog without spending so much time breaking things. Easier, but with less soul.

Somewhere along the way, it stopped being fun. It became a little weird to be so public about private things. There was an innocence in the beginning that gave way to some hard realizations. Readers aren’t strangers in foreign places; they’re your neighbors and that’s kind of creepy, especially when you’re dealing with continuous deployments and long stretches of alone time.

So, ten years later, retirement is just around the corner and I’m starting to wonder where the time has gone. We have experienced and changed so much. We lost Julio after a 20 month fight with cancer. Cesar is 13 years old now and dealing with arthritis and old man problems. George, the worst bulldog ever, joined our family 4 years ago. We are now on our second overseas tour, after five years in San Diego and four in D.C. My husband openly frets about “kids these days” not knowing the classics like “Young Guns” or “Back to the Future.” And I’m finally learning how to write code properly.

Yes. I spend my days hunched over my MacBook, searching for missing semicolons. Again. Betty is back.

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