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Coping With The End

April 11 2017

Coping With The End

It could be that, from March 1997 to May 2003 at least, I was just too cool to indulge in the cheesy, teenage sci-fi fantasy of Buffy The Vampire Slayer but most likely, I was pre-occupied with work and other things and didn’t pay attention. Thank God for Hulu! I just binge-watched all seven seasons and now I’m wondering how to process “the end” so I can move on. This feeling of loss could explain the comic books and fan-fiction I’ve stumbled upon since my binge began.

Seriously, what a great show for women and girls! I regret not watching as a young woman when I really needed an injection of female empowerment. Buffy is an action-hero with unapologetic femininity. She wears stylish outfits and cute boots to battle the undead, she changes her hair cut and color frequently, and she allows herself to swoon over bad boys all while carrying the weight of the world on her lonely shoulders. Saving the world, over and over again, isn’t easy or pretty but she does it in her real skin. No penis or cape required.

In case you were wondering, I am totally #TeamSpike. Angel was her first love and yes, that’s significant but Spike was “the one.” Their relationship was complicated and messy but he allowed himself to be vulnerable and real with Buffy; a real partner. This is also why it would have never worked with Xander. He was too insecure about being “less” than her and honestly, his judgmental attitude regarding her private sex life made me hate him. I was actively rooting for him to die.

So, now that it’s over I suddenly have all this free time on my hands. I suppose I should use this extra time to work on my app and some of my volunteer commitments. Sigh. A new normal.

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