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November 12 2017


I don’t remember how we heard about The EmporiYUM but I do recall that we whipped out the credit card for VIP tickets with a startling quickness. Don’t judge. Three years is a long time to go without delicious American decadence.

Our excitement started to diminish while we were waiting in line to enter. There were so many conversations going on around us that it was hard to focus. When you live in a foreign country and don’t speak the language it’s really easy to tune out conversations. It also helps that Japanese people are not particularly loud conversationalists. Hearing so many conversations going on at once and not being able to focus on any of them, or ours, was disorienting and that feeling only intensified once we made our way into the event.

We were able to try a few delicious treats… Chick’nCone, how have I lived without you?!... and bought a few to snack on at home but it was physically and mentally exhausting. I’m proud of us for going and sticking it out for as long as we did. Despite the mouth watering aromas enticing us to shuffle from booth to booth, I had one eye on the exit and another looking for any sign from my pet that he was ready to leave.

I’m also glad we have been able to identify that we are experiencing reverse culture shock instead of just being angry and hating people. People are good. Getting out and experiencing stuff is good. Food is good! I just wish Chick’nCone had a shop in D.C. Sad face.

Side note: we spotted our first pussy hat!