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Extraction Date

September 07 2017

Extraction Date

We finally have a set extraction date. This is the day we leave Japan and fly onward to our next adventure. Getting to this point has been unexpectedly stressful and filled with uncertainty. I cried when we got confirmation for our flights. I literally cried. Tears. From my face! That has never happened before.

There are still balls in the air, obligations to juggle and obstacles to overcome, but having a flight confirmed makes it a lot less stressful and easier to plan. The movers will be here in a few days to wrap and pack all of our belongings. After that a separate team will deliver loaner furniture so that we aren’t sleeping in bags. Then we will start to turnover our work and volunteer responsibilities. We will sell our car, confirm hotels and make sure our stateside vehicle is ready to roll out of storage. And then we will drive across Japan to meet our flight. We will say prayers and beg the gods to watch over our boys in the pet baggage area and then we will soar across the ocean… to our next temporary home. In less than a year, we will do it again.

Maybe this would have been less stressful if Cesar weren’t sick. Or if others hadn’t interfered in the process. Then again, maybe interference from the right person would have helped? It’s hard not to be bitter but for now I am trying to concentrate on the positive. We have a date. We will fly together this time. All four of us. Thank god.

Jakob Owens