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Hello, Sasebo!

July 03 2017

Hello, Sasebo!

A few months ago, I started working on a Rails Girls App tutorial... again. This time, the tutorial was modified by the Rails Girls team in LA to create a bucket list that I thought would be really useful to my American community in southern Japan. I called it “Japan Adventure App” but eventually changed it to “Hello, Sasebo!

It has come a long way since then. I have added links to open Apple Maps and Google Maps for each “adventure.” Users can now search from the main page and the navigation bar. It’s not perfect but it works (mostly). There are categories for eating, shopping, and exploring. I may add “sleep” or “stay” at some point for hotels or lodging. I haven’t decided. I tried adding Active Admin but ran into errors I haven’t quite figured out yet. I made some cosmetic changes to the main page by adding “.truncate(240, separator: ’ ‘)” to make each entry look more uniform.

In the past few days I was able to create a new page for search results, add search to the nav bar, fix the map by adding an API key, and modify the uploader so that images get resized and cropped to 16:9 when they get uploaded. This helps reduce the file size and load time. I am pretty stoked about the progress I’ve made this week. The biggest improvement is the main page graphic. I told my hubs I wanted a blowfish hot air balloon over 99 islands and he came through spectacularly!

There is still tons to do but this is good! I don’t know if I’m ready to broadcast it to my community yet but it’s getting there!