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Hello Web App Tutorial

May 04 2017

Hello Web App Tutorial

A few weeks ago, I ordered Hello Web App, a book written for “non-programmers” to “design and build your own custom web app using Python and Django.” I thought it might be a fun project for my local code club to work on as a group… and who knows? Maybe we can use what we learn to build a website for our club to showcase our work and encourage others to join us.

The book starts off with a link to install Python using pip. (Side note: our group had fun getting our computers all pip’d out with pip-tastic pippyness.) Then it moves on to setting up a virtual environment. Prior to this project, I understood the need to view the code locally before deploying but the book does a really good job of explaining the importance of a virtual environment. It allows the projects to exist independently of each other so that changes made to one do not affect the others. Pretty cool!

Chapter 4 gets into creating static templates and by Chapter 5, you’re using template tags to avoid having to repeat information from one template to another. This makes it really easy to keep everything uniform from one page to the next. You can also use tags to call information defined in variables.

Next up, dynamic content!