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Homeward Bound, Part II

November 08 2017

Homeward Bound, Part II

When we checked-in to the hotel on Yokota Air Base, we were told the pet-friendly accommodations were on the other side of the base in a repurposed residential tower and oh, FYI “no dogs in the elevators!” After a long day of driving, we were so anxious to get to our room until we actually got there. If it hadn’t been for the sign out front, we would have assumed the building was condemned and kept looking.

Our room was actually a three bedroom apartment that I’m pretty sure had not been updated since before I was born. The cheap carpet was burned and stained. One of the bedroom doors had literally split apart and been duct taped back together. The heavy closet doors had long fallen off their rusty tracks and were propped open. The cushions on the couch had been squashed to the point where a large gap appeared between them and the seat back. Cesar would have been so disgusted even before he saw the bed.

To add insult to injury, we were given an inspection sheet when we checked in. Yes. That’s right. The Air Force wanted to be able to charge us for damages to their palace. I literally ran out of room writing everything down and the clerk who accepted the form responded with a surprised “Wow!” If we thought we would be able to find a pet-friendly hotel in Japan, we would have rolled out of there the first night (or at least the day that thousands of cockroaches poured out of the manholes out front). We had to stay there for five long days. I considered leaving a nasty ICE comment but decided that a “pets allowed” shit hole was better than nothing and an ICE comment might ruin it for other people like us.

Notice how I did not say “pet-friendly”? George did not consider it “friendly” to make him climb three flights of stairs multiple times a day. Cesar definitely would have taken the elevator. He did not suffer fools.

Note: The photo is from the Inns of the Corps on MCAS Iwakuni… they know how to make pets and people comfortable!