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What’s Next?

May 23 2017

What’s Next?

Do you use the Day One App? I do… sometimes… when I remember. A couple of weeks ago, Day One reminded me of an entry I made two years ago to mark our safe arrival in Japan. We spent a month traveling from Washington D.C. (to Biloxi, to White Sands, to San Diego, to Joshua Tree, to the Grand Canyon, to Moab, to San Francisco, to the Redwoods) to Seattle for our flight. The boys loved sleeping on hotel beds and spending 24/7 with their two favorite people. George loved being in the car, watching the world go by, as we traveled from one destination to the next. We had a great time but I was so relieved to be in Japan and ready to settle down.

Day One also reminded me that George once escaped our hotel room and ran to the car. He just sat there, waiting for me to open the door so we could get on the move. I could have killed him.

Now, I’m feeling the itch. The itch to purge the clutter, box up the rest, and hit the road. Or sky, whatev. I dream of new. New adventures. New shores. New home. I’m even excited about a new language. We are very fortunate that my husband’s job allows him the opportunity to move so frequently. If all goes well, we could be moving sooner than expected.

Right now we have been given a few new cities as possible relocation destinations. They all have pros and cons and honestly, we would be happy wherever we go… but one calls to me. It’s a little off the beaten path and may have some serious challenges but the more I read about it, the more I fall in love. I won’t say where it is as not to jinx it but I will say that, from the photos I’ve seen, it’s absolutely beautiful. The delicate architecture, the blue sea, the green palms. My heart swoons.

We should know more soon. Wish us luck!