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When The Love Of Your Life Gets Old

September 03 2017

When The Love Of Your Life Gets Old

My sweet bulldog C├ęsar is getting old and his little body isn’t as healthy as it used to be. We spent the summer taking him to see the vet for what we thought was arthritis pain. He would wake up in pain, legs weak and wobbly, and so we would rush him in for relief. After a few visits and lots of pain meds, he woke up crying one morning with a distended belly.

The vet performed an ultrasound and found a tumor. We were sent to a specialist in Nagasaki for a CT scan the next day. The scan showed an enormous tumor on his spleen that was beginning to rupture, filling his abdomen with blood. After the surgery, the doctor showed us this massive grapefruit-sized tumor and smaller ones on his liver. It had already spread.

The prognosis is not good. He’s too old and it’s too aggressive for chemo to be effective. It could mean destroying his quality of life and making his last days miserable. So, here we are. In a few days he will be 14 years old. In 14 years we have only spent 52 days apart. We mourned Julio together, keeping each other company in the dark days that followed. We went to work together. We travelled together. We crossed oceans and countries together. We grew up together.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash